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This papertoy figure is one of many great designer that inspired me on designed papermodel. He is Julius Perdana a.k.a Julescrafter from

Some of our friends called him "master" and some also called him " The Unpredictable" :D.. well, i choose the second one. This papertoy i dedicated for him in giving me some good advice and little lecture in designing. Looks funny and cute right? he always wears the scout trooper helmet where ever we have a community gathering or event. :D... cool!

If you want to know more of him and his site, please visit here


Model build by : Asiong Lim in A4 version

Grab it now : Julescrafter Papertoy



lehcyfer said...

Great idea! I'm happy that someone thought about commemorating Jules whom I admire greatly.

And the model is so cute :)

Bamboogila's Corner said...

wahahahaha..i happy if you like it.

Ruang Antho said...

like this :)



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