Murdoc Papercraft

Here you go guys, Murdoc papercraft is in the house in a bruce lee yellow costume.. :D. Actually this design is about 2-3 months ago. Now i share it for you fans of Gorillaz..

All of papertoys/papercrafts in this website are provided for the sole purpose of your personal pleasure.

Copy, modify, reproduce, use, distribute, transfer, publish, sale or offer to sale, at auction or otherwise, or any other act of Similar kind, of the papertoys/papercraft for commercial purposes, or purposes anyway related to making profit, are strictly prohibited.

If any questions, just mail me to

Model build by : Ade Lukito
Instruction : Please see the picture

Grab it now : Murdoc


Unknown said...

esta genial murdoc pero cuando hacen a 2d????

NagaRaj Raj said...

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