Tintin Rocket Papercraft

Tintin rocket is my first model in 3DMax and a non-scale model.
I made it for almost 2 weeks, giving me headache in using max, which is a bit difficult for me that i usually use skecthup. Thanks to Julius Perdana
Paper-Replika.com in giving me short term lessons and tutorial in the use of max.

This model (in this pictures i uploaded) was build in A5 by my friend Mr.Adhiwardhana Widjajanto, a A5/A6 specialist builder. The original size about more than 30cm.

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If any questions, just mail me to bamboo.gila@rocketmail.com

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tekzo said...

like it so much, good design

Shurricanger said...

Thanks for this one, I've been looking for this model for quite a while!
keep up the great job and will bw looking forward for your next projects to come....

hint: Tintin submarine from Red Racham treasure ? *wink*

Bamboogila's Corner said...


A Yai Sir! tq so much


thx man..

Hahaha, actually before this tintin rocket, i'm planning to make the submarine, but since you (mybe others) ask.. so keep in touch :D, who knows i might design it

Shurricanger said...

Here's my attempt to build the legendary rocket (from your pattern) plus a diorama (from yours truly) ^_^
Hope you like it....


radio controlled tank fan said...

I really want to make one. I have clicked on all the links but can't find any link to download it.

Please help

radio controlled tank fan

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't find any link to download it..
Would you mind to repair the link?
I really want to make this paper replika..


Bamboogila's Corner said...

@radio controlled tank fan

WOW soryy for my late looking posting. Its Very cool.. I attempt to manage all galleries in my blog. So i'm now re-construct my blog. And your galleries will be in my galleries section and i will share it too in FB

@all who wants this rockets

It's my mistake because if forgot to put the credits of this creator. I am truly sorry and so stupid how did i forgot to put it on this model. If you want it just send your mail. I will send it to you with the credits of this creator

Anonymous said...

Great model but bad choice of filehost. Pop ups everywhere plus verification code would not except 3 times!

Bamboogila's Corner said...

Sorry seems something wrong on the hosting. Send me your email and i will send the files

Anonymous said...

SPAM, SPAM, VIRUS, VIRUS, No template to copy. TERRIBLE!!!

Hani Tangko said...

Hello kak! Apparently we share the same hobby; drawing and use the same blog template! Haha^^ pay a visit to hanadynta.blogspot.com or

Anonymous said...

I want this.....

potlotpatlot@gmail.com said...

thank you for post this, its really great because i want this model so much, and i found in this place, keep it going, :D

Robbie Wickham said...

I tried the download link also and it didn't work for me.



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