SD Humvee Papercraft

This is my first time i made a Super Deformed papercraft :D. I usually make papertoys, but seem i getting a bit bored, i lost my feeling in making paper toys, so i decided to try a little taking over in SD. Hope with this first model (and still need many correction in making it simple as possible), you like it.

Also this is my first time in photoshop, texturing using some random game image i found in internet. :D It's fun.. :D

All of papertoys/papercrafts in this website are provided fo
the sole purpose of your personal pleasure. Copy, modify, reproduce, use, distribute,
transfer, publish, sale or offer to sale, at auction or ot
herwise, or any other act of Similar kind, of the papertoys/papercraft for commercial purposes, or purposes anyway related to making
profit, are strictly prohibited

If any questions, just mail me to 
bamboogila [dot] corner [at] gmail [dot] com


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