Polaroid Paper toy

Long time when i was a kid, i had this awesome camera polaroid. Then i don't know where it is since me and my family moved to Indonesia (we lived in U.A.E before we moved to Indonesia). 

Now, this camera is rare even though many modern polaroid i can found in stores. But the "classic touch" that i like the most.

Model was build by : Ophieck

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If any questions, just mail me to 
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Anonymous said...

thanks you very much
I will follow your web! ;)

Occhiondolo said...

Thank you for this wonderful papercraft but I'm unable to understand how to assemble the back of it. Could you please help me, even by posting a picture of the back? I'm stuck! :(

Bamboogila's Corner said...

Hello Occhiondolo,

This model was build by my friend. Sorry he didn't take the back picture. AND he DID lost the model :D

So sorry for my bad-bad instructions.



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