Eggie Eddie Paper toy

As i said my post blog last week, i will share what i like to share :D. Here is the free model you can make it, download it, share it. But don't sell it :D. Eggie Eddie is an easter egg. Well, i just realized this character similar to a pokemon pet name Togepi, the differences just on the top shell egg, arms and legs (colors too :)) ). Happy easter folks

Image 1 is the top egg shell, skip this part from gluing. We will glue it in the very last before legs parts.

Image 2 is the bottom / body egg shell.

Image 3 is the result. Don't forget to add arms.

Image 4 is the inside the egg

Image 5 Funny and cute (?)

Image 6 now is the tricky one, before closing the egg, insert first the inside egg part (image 5). Then begin to close with the top part egg shell (image 5)

Image 7 i glue like this actually


Image 8 i recommended you to use a long tweezer. REALLY need. You will find out its handy.

Image 9 well nothing more i can comment, it's the shoes part.

Image 10 Leg part

Image 11 Leg part

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the sole purpose of your personal pleasure. Copy, modify, reproduce, use, distribute,
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If any questions, just mail me to 
bamboo [dot] gila[at] rocket [dot] com


William said...

you used tougui arms and legs from his tample

Bamboogila's Corner said...

Hello William,

Tougui is my inspiration, using his template? Please, don't judge before asking me. I never used his template. This is my original template design with an "inspiration" of Tougui. Many of my papertoy influence from his design. BUT never take/crop his design put in my design.

Once again many designer also use like his design. Thanks for your comment



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