Rios Tyson Mask Paper craft - AoF 2

Rios Tyson Mask from Army of Two is one of my favorite. I knew AoF 2 when i played PS3 in my friend's house. Falling in love in the first sight for this game. But i didn't finished the game till the end story :(

Salem Mask already been done by my papercraft mate Dani Hamdani at his blogger Well not 100% i can make just like the game, but hope you guys like it.

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If any questions, just mail me to 
bamboo [dot] gila[at] rocket [dot] com

Download Rios Tyson Mask


Muhammad Rizkiansyah said...

bos, kalo pake shape topeng nya tapi ganti warna boleh gak ??? hehe

jual suplemen online said...

Keren topengnya. TErima kasih. said...

I have never seens a mask that is so realistic and cool. The dimensions are perfectly carved and are wonderful. Great work and I would love to buy this product.



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