Warhammer 40K Bolt Pistol

Almost  a year (sept 2012) that i made this model and postpon it, but yes at last i release it. The size of bolt pistol paper craft i made is big. I say real big :D, but not as big as the actual size. The actual size i think is almost 40 - 50 cm length. 

pics from google.com and it's not me

And i found that the space marine height is around 6ft 7in, so no way i will make the bolt rifle according to the real size of the space marine. Coz we are people are normal height unless yes you are big and tall :D. So i made it maybe 1/2 or 1/4 of it size (?) perhaps. . Well what ever is the size please enjoy it. 

The bolt pistol i export it in PDF in 100% size. i recommend it to you to resize to 90% when printing to fits you. Or if you don't like to resize it's okay, you will get it bigger then you thought (my post picture is 95% resize). Use  150 gsm - 175 gsm, please not over 175 gsm or you can't glue one part to another precisely. There are some numbers doesn't appear in my instruction because i think with it you will understand. I will post my WIP here so hope the pictures may guide you besides the instruction i made. 

pics : result of my design, i resize it into 95%


  1. Build my UZI PAPERCRAFT.
  2. Post me a picture of your result build together with your name written on a piece of paper to confirm that you are the builder not other photos and you edit it. You can email me (bamboo[dot]gila[at]rocketmail[dot]com) your best pictures OR you can TAG me in my facebook OR my bamboogila's facebook page, don't forget to share on your wall too.
  3. When i confirm it, i will send it to you. Instruction not included. So visit my blog to see the instructions.
  4. To be noted, please do not SELL it. If your friends like it, come to my blog follow my terms. Please use as personal pleasurePLEASE RESPECT FOR DESIGNERS.

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Anonymous said...

shit condition !!!!!!!

Evgeniy Pelevin said...

Any chance I can get it? I already send my photos

Anonymous said...

Why built an UZI ? it is absurd, too bad.



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