Lionel Messi Bust Head Papercraft

Lionel Messi

It's been a while since last december 2014 i haven't finished my GUNDAM RX-75 own design :(, postponed once more (and don't know when i could finished it).

Since then, i was trying to look on my old papercraft folder and found this awesome papercraft i made 2 years ago. This model actually a premium design, but i never had a chance to sell it or promote it until now. Seems i forgot this model, lol.

Well, now i share this model free for you. Even thought i'm not a football/soccer fan, but i like this player besides Ronaldinho (brazil). :D

Fans of it or not, please enjoy the papercraft. :)



The papercraft is in PDO format, to view it please download Pepakura Viewer.  Free software.

Download Lionel Messi Bust Head Papercraft Here!


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Elizabeth Woodward said...

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