Desert Eagle Papermodel 1:1 Scale

It's been a while since July i take a short break from designing.  I designed the model since September 2014, and intended to  make it premium model. This is my favorite gun since i played Counter Strike game :3. But now i got many favorite guns, hope i could make it and share it.

So today i want to share as a christmas gift for you all weapon papercraft lovers :D.

This model once before build by one of my fellow. But it never been done because of his busy time of work. So hopefully every instruction and parts is good and enough to build.


All of papertoys/papercrafts in this website are provided for the sole purpose of your personal pleasure.
Copy, modify, reproduce, use, distribute, transfer, publish, sale or offer to sale, at auction or otherwise, or any other act of similar kind, of the papertoys/papercraft for commercial purposes, or purposes anyway related to making profit, are strictly prohibited.
If any questions, just mail me to bamboo[dot]gila[at]rocketmail[dot]com

The link consist a folder with two files you can choose. Colored version and blank version. Happy Papercrafting

Desert Eagle Papermodel


Anonymous said...

do you think you could submit more detailed instructions, as in, a part-by-part thing? cuz these pics are a guide to the finished model, not actual instructions..

Bamboogila's Corner said...

Thanks for your comment sir,

I'm so sorry for now it seems i don't have plenty of time to make detailed instructions. Please forgive me. But your suggestion will be my consider for making better instruction in the future.



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