No hero without villain!

Another character original designed by Denny Row for his comics called KOMIK BUTTMAN. A villain of Buttman. And the first villain appears on buttman komk as i know. It can be found in facebook KOMIK BUTTMAN or instagram KOMIK_BUTTMAN



For the legs, you can use paperclip or think paper (250gsm).

DISCLAIMER / bamboogila's papercraft corner is not endorsed by anyone to make this papercraft or representation of Games Workshop. / bamboogila's papercraft is a personal unofficial fan and hobby site. 
This papercraft is a fan made model, 

All trademarks mentioned is belong to its respective
owners - Denny Row

Visit : KOMIK BUTTMAN (Facebook) or KOMIK_BUTTMAN (instagram)

All of papertoys/papercrafts in this website are provided for the sole purpose of your personal pleasure.
Copy, modify, reproduce, use, distribute, transfer, publish, sale or offer to sale, at auction or otherwise, or any other act of Similar kind, of the papertoys/papercraft for commercial purposes, or purposes anyway related to making profit, are strictly prohibited.
If any questions, just mail me to bamboo.gila[at]rocketmail[dot]com

I used Adfly, Please support me so i could continue new models and pay hosting. 
Thank You!


write my essay said...

I am really impressed by your unique artwork. I liked the caption or the Theme of your artwork as well. I think, for the legs, you can also use toothpicks or thread strands or wool strands. They will give a different yet complete look as well. Waiting for more of your artwork!



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